Laughter Therapy

Laughter Therapy

When people are in pain, there is often a mindset that comes along with it that says: “I’m not allowed to laugh or enjoy myself. If I’m in pain, I have to stay in the pain. I have to immerse myself in that shadow. I have to go down that hole and stay there.”
That is just a mindset.

When we have all the support we need (in all of its different forms), there can be the painful process and the light present all at the same time. And, the more light – through nature, through laughter, through connection, through community, the more that is allowed in, the easier the process will be. This is why I feel it is so important to bring things like nature and laughter and deep, positive connection in groups to the therapy process. This is not about bypassing the pain. I will be right there to support as the pain comes up, of course; but pain is not the focus with this type of therapy that I’m creating.
Joy is much more powerful than pain.

Instead of waiting for a crisis, we can consciously evolve and grow when we are moving energy, connecting with joy, connecting to our senses in nature, being present, laughter yoga, connection with others, yoga nidra, meditation, etc. Joy only comes when you connect. So, a big part of the work I do is helping people to connect. This therapy is not just about talking. It is about participating in events that facilitate connection.

Benefits of Laughter:
-reduces stress hormones
-releases endorphins (natural pain killer, boosts mood)
-brings more oxygen to the body and brain (feel more energized)
-boosts the immune system
-reduces depression and anxiety

Highly sensitive people and empaths need movement, lots and lots of movement. Of course, exercise is wonderful but the movement has to be on the inside as well. Laughter helps to shed layers quickly. It is a strong practice for letting go of old and stuck energy, stuck emotions, cycles that one stays in, in the mind, in a lovely way.
I have been studying the energy of laughter and have found that the energy of laughter has amazing healing qualities. Laughter can bring light, air, space, breathing room to any situation. This can make a big difference in being able to move forward.

When you combine laughter yoga and breathwork, an extraordinary thing starts to happen. The laughter lifts energy for you – it clears out energy. I am a laughter yoga leader, and I have also been studying the energy of laughter in order to bring this healing medicine into the field of psychotherapy. Laughter benefits everyone and it is vital in our healing process. Joy is a powerful way to come to peace. Crisis is not the only way to grow. We can choose to consciously grow through joy. Laughter is the quickest way to joy and when laughter is a regular practice, it changes your life.

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